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November 12, 2008


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Thanks Maddie ... your entry is fabulous as well!! I'll vote for you if you vote for me *LOL*

maddie james

Once again, you rock! These make my mouth water. I can't wait to try this recipe out!



Thanks everyone!!!! Please let me know how you like them if you make them ... feedback is always good :)


this looks so so good :)


So I made these the day after I first saw them! You are NOT kidding when you said these are dense. They are more of a brownie texture, but oh so good! The buttercream icing was just divine. A light, fluffy topping to balance the denser cake. My whole fam just raved about them and loved the little surprise of cranberries tucked inside. Gave it a little fruity bite amidst all the chocolate. Also, the hint of hazelnut liquer was just the right touch to give these a truly gourmet flavor. Thank goodness I gave half of these away to the neighbors, or I would have eaten WAAAAY too many! Your recipe is yummy as always my friend!

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Yikes! Try saying that five times fast. LOL. But seriously...what a yummy cupcake. So perfect for Thanksgiving. Congrats! :-)


wow, the title of these bad boys alone is a mouthful. i think i'm going to have to try them out myself-the presentation is amazing and that frosting looks irresistible! nice!


wow! I can't imagine the flavor of this beautiful cupcakes!!


Beautiful cupcakes!


Thank you Katie!


They're so pretty! How delicious.

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